Hello I’m Tania, pictured above, a fully qualified Person-Centred Counsellor providing counselling and psychotherapy on a wide range of emotional and relationship problems. My practice in Chandlers Ford is within easy reach of Eastleigh, Romsey, Winchester and Southampton. I endeavour to offer a safe, peaceful and confidential environment for you to come and talk freely about anything, past or present, that is of concern to you. I will strive to facilitate you to make the decisions that you feel are right for you.

I believe that self-exploration can help you to resolve your own problems. Our relationship will offer you the time and space to gain a deeper insight into your own situation, which in turn will help you to draw upon your own resources and ultimately come to your own conclusions.

I believe that only you know what is right for you, therefore, my counselling approach will involve me trusting in you and your ability to know what you would like to explore.

Tania Dilworth
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“The kind of caring that the client-centred therapist desires to achieve is a gullible caring, in which clients are accepted as they say they are, not with a lurking suspicion in the therapist’s mind that they may, in fact, be otherwise. This attitude is not stupidity on the therapist’s part; it is the kind of attitude that is most likely to lead to trust...”
― Carl R. Rogers